Tamil Bible

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#4991: Monday 11 February 2019 03:13:50 PM

Name : Ben Sam

Referred By : Search Engine
Location : Nagercoil
Comments :

#4990: Sunday 03 February 2019 05:58:33 AM

Name : samson sundar singh

Referred By : Web Ring
Location : Muscat Oman
Comments : I praise and thank God for you all. I am blessed because of this website. Very useful in my search for truth. I am getting to know God more and more everyday. I will be happy if you can include cross-reference verses. Thank you.

#4989: Saturday 02 February 2019 03:11:22 AM

Name : Pas.Nada D.Patresan

Referred By : E-Mail
Location : California, USA
Comments : Tamil Bible is very useful for me and very much appreciate GOD bless you

#4988: Thursday 31 January 2019 11:18:23 AM

Name : Pastor Benjamin

Referred By : Search Engine
Location : chennai
Comments : Using this app for a long time now. very useful. In fact, this has replaced my physical Bible.

#4986: Wednesday 30 January 2019 12:04:18 AM

Name : Rubini jenifer

Referred By : Friend
Location : Coimbatore
Comments : I was not aware of this website before, I was reading Bible in different websites and one my friend was reading the daily words of your website and told me that everyday verse will be coming here with bible. Then I came to knew and started reading regularly, atleast I would see the daily verse of bible. God speaking through his living words. Praise the lord.. thank you for your website. Pray for me.

#4984: Monday 28 January 2019 04:54:25 AM

Name : Victor

Referred By : Search Engine
Location : Tuticorin
Comments : Praise be to God

#4980: Wednesday 23 January 2019 02:57:55 AM

Name : Merlin Sam

Referred By : Search Engine
Location : Tirunelveli Dist
Comments : Thank you for this site, Its the best and easiest way to read our bible fully within a year.
Thank You.

#4977: Wednesday 16 January 2019 09:05:04 AM

Name : Alcolm Anand

Referred By : Just Surfed In
Location : Heilbronn
Comments : Best read format in Tamil language.

#4970: Wednesday 09 January 2019 11:27:35 AM

Name : RAJA G

Referred By : Search Engine
Location : Minjur
Comments : This website and the holy bible which is available in tamil language is very useful to my spritual life as wellas to my collegues. my

#4969: Wednesday 09 January 2019 10:14:43 AM

Name : JOTHI

Referred By : Search Engine
Location :
Comments : Glory to God

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